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I'm the total opposite of the therapists they show on TV or in the movies. You know, the ones who ask, “how does that make you feel?” and only speak in dull voices that would make anyone fall asleep. 


I am personable, genuine, and laid-back.  I’m known to those around me as the enthusiastic but warm personality that makes it easy to talk about anything, which makes me a pretty good fit to be a therapist.  


I talk so casually during sessions that you’ll feel like we’ve met before.  I’ll ask you about what’s been going on and how you’re experiencing it.  We'll talk about how your much-needed girls night went last weekend, or how far you made it into that book you wanted to read.  I genuinely want to know how you’ve been doing.  I’m not afraid to talk about the hard or awkward stuff, and I’m also not afraid to let you know when you’re limiting yourself.  


When you work with me, I help you lay all of the “puzzle pieces” of your life out and then we look at the big picture together.  We’ll look the things that are holding you back and create plans to overcome them.  One-by-one, I’ll help you put all the pieces back together again to form the picture you set out to draw for yourself in the first place.


I’m a firm believer in designing your own life, creating lasting change, and owning your victories.  


I love what I do because it’s equally challenging as it is rewarding.  I get to meet so many cool people and help them become more confident in themselves and their lives.  When it comes to clientele that I am most drawn to, I enjoy helping women who struggle with: 


-  feeling unfulfilled and not knowing why

-  worrying constantly about what will happen next, or if they're doing enough

-  perfectionism that no longer serves them

-  societal pressures to "do it all", causing burnout


I approach therapy with the idea that what you tell yourself day-in and day-out has a huge effect on how you experience your life.  Our thoughts affect the way we feel and the way we behave, so it’s an important starting point for therapy. 


  • William Jewell College, B.S. Psychology and Business

  • Missouri State University, M.S. Clinical Psychology

  • Research experience: relationship-contingent self-esteem, body shame, body image

  • Mental Health Integrative Medicine Institute, Certified Mental Health and Integrative Medicine Provider

  • American Counseling Association, Professional Member


As a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, I place an emphasis on incorporating lifestyle change as needed to enhance your outcome.  I use a “whole body approach”, which means a variety of things:​


I ask about how you sleep, how you eat, and how you move, amongst other factors that may affect your lifestyle.

I make it a priority to find which self-care methods work best for you as an individual, and how to incorporate those into daily living. 

I encourage collaborations between me, your doctor, your chiropractor, your dietician, etc. to ensure that your healthcare team is working together when necessary.

There’s a general goal of healing the relationship between your mind and your body.



You can continue getting to know me and my style by heading over to my blog!



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