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"I feel like my mind just keeps going and going."

Face it: You have a lot going on.


You wear a lot of hats either at your job or in your personal life – or both.  You compare yourself to high standards because of others around you or what you see on social media.  It seems like you're always expected to be really good at something, but you’re also expected to keep up in a world full of change and constant innovation.  You feel like you’re never doing anything for’re just doing everything for everyone else.  In order to keep up, you feel like you have to think about so many things at the same time. Maybe you do the following without even realizing it:


  -  you assume the worst-case scenario 

  -  you procrastinate because you’re worried about failing

  -  you “just know” what everyone is thinking – and it’s all negative about you

  -  you find yourself thinking about the “bad stuff”

  -  you always find something else to worry about​

These might be some anxiety-related struggles you can relate to: ​

Financial stress


Trust or jealousy 

Identifying your needs

Creating boundaries with others

Job transition 

Scrambled thoughts

Low self-esteem

Body image

Over-commitment (saying “yes” to everything)

Stress management


Procrastination and time management

Lifestyle choices


Social media pressure

Higher education guidance

Personal insecurities​




Let’s be real: everyone experiences stress. 


Our world is so fast-paced and there’s a lot to keep up with.  It’s easy for the common, everyday stress to turn into a significant obstacle to proper functioning. 


Anxiety masked as “stress” can result in difficulty concentrating, increased procrastination, trouble sleeping, restlessness, irritability, and an unrealistic view of simple problems.  You’re sick of feeling like you’re never getting ahead.  You have way too much life to enjoy to be bogged down by that nagging to-do list that is literally never-ending.  You don’t want to grow older and feel like you never lived your life.


Have you ever slept through your alarm?  You know that split-second mind-blanking, heart-pounding, dizzying feeling of fear that you’re late for work?  That’s what a panic attack can feel like – but it doesn’t end as quickly. 


Panic attacks are physical reactions to worry or fear.  They’re usually sudden, and they can make you feel like you’ve lost complete control of yourself.​

Panic attacks can be hard to manage, especially if you don’t even know that you’re having one or if you haven’t been taught specific strategies to handle them. An important part of managing panic attacks is learning relaxation, and it’s more than just Netflix and chill.

Here are some signs

of a panic attack:


Racing heart


Trembling or shaking

Chest pain or tightness






My goal is to help you get the clarity you’re seeking and the relaxed mind you want so you can enjoy your life now.  I don’t want you to spend your life anxious, as if life is happening all around you but you can’t be in the moment because you’re stuck thinking about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  


You know therapy is an option, but do you know the lasting impact it could have on your life? 

Maybe it’s time you find out.

Just reach out.


I’m ready when you are! Fill out the submission form on my Book Now page to get started.

You’re welcome any time!

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