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Greta Aronson


From one female to another, you can totally do this.

And I can help you.

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Say  yes  to yourself this time.

"           "

Approachable. Conversational. Encouraging.

A friendly way to therapy

You look put together.
You sound put together.
You don't feel put together.
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Under the mask of the joyful life you portray lies a bunch of muddy stuff. You work hard at your job but you feel stuck. You’ve got friends and family around you but you’re feeling disconnected from them. You worry a lot because you question yourself endlessly, considering all options and feeling hopeless in all of them. You’re just stressed out and you have no idea where to start conquering it. You’ve got all these goals and dreams and you’re starting to wonder if you’re even good enough to achieve them.​

It can help everyone.


The things you learn in therapy will change your life if you let it. 


It's like a physical trainer,

but for your soul.


Regain your energy, your happiness, and your life. 


Learn to live in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. 


Read my blog posts for lessons, insights, and actionable items to help you out along the way.


I can’t change where you started, but I can give you the freedom to decide where you finish.

Ms. Aronson has a beautiful way of anticipating needs, then sharing and coaching in a positive and constructive way. Her composed and warm approach leaves others feeling confident and informed.