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Being a Great Boss: How to Inspire Employees to Take Care of Themselves

Hey, gang! Greta here. Y'all know I'm passionate about incorporating self-care into your work life. Not only that, but there are too many corporate cultures out there that are so toxic - and talking about it is the first step to changing it. We spend too much time at work and with our coworkers to not have it fill our cups to some degree.

Brad Krause, founder of Self Caring, guest-wrote this blog about how supervisors can improve self-care amongst their employees. Check it out for some good information and actionable ideas to boost employee happiness and morale!



As a boss, you have a great deal of influence over your employee's general well-being. For example, one study showed that having a bad boss led to the participants feeling emotionally exhausted. While numerous harmful leadership styles exist, there are even more ways you can be a great boss. One of the best things you can do is promote employee self-care, so those working beneath you feel emotionally and physically healthy.

Host Fun Workplace Events

According to Zenbusiness, it’s a good idea to find time in your company's schedule to host fun workplace events that inspire employees to stay healthy and productive. One fun example is an annual company field day, similar to those most people participated in as a child. Choose a few active competitions and ample outdoor space where everyone can have fun. A few competition ideas include tug-of-war, an egg race, a three-legged race, and long jumping. Team sports, such as baseball, kickball, or volleyball, are also great ideas. You can reward the winners with something small, such as one paid day off, free lunch for the week, or a gift card.

Another fun idea is a trivia competition. Ask a range of questions that pertain to healthy living, your industry, your company, and pop culture. You can have employees participate individually, or ask them to create teams of two to six people, depending on the size of your company.

Set Up an Office Gym

Regular exercise strengthens the heart, improves circulation, and imparts more energy. One way to encourage employees to exercise is to set up an office gym. This provides them an opportunity to work out before or after work and during their lunch break.

If finances are an issue, there are ways to save money on creating your on-site gym in Kansas City. For example, consider purchasing gently used equipment instead of brand new items. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, either. You can begin with three to five pieces of equipment and some free weights. Over time, you can add one or two pieces of equipment each year as your company grows.

Provide Healthy Meals

Consider providing healthy meals for your employees. Eating a healthy diet has many benefits, including an enhanced immune system, improved digestive system functioning, and lowered disease risk.

If you don't have the budget to provide healthy meals each day, consider healthy snacks instead. Stock the break roomwith apples, bananas, granola bars, and water bottles, and encourage employees to take a snack whenever they're feeling hungry.

Schedule Time for Stretching

Regular stretching can improve flexibility, coordination, and posture. If your employees sit at their desks for most of their day, stretching may help them improve concentration and experience less back pain. If your employees engage in lots of bending or lifting, stretching may help prevent injuries. Consider scheduling five minutes in the morning and five minutes after lunch to have everyone stretch their muscles.

Great Bosses Promote Employee Wellness

One of the best things you can do to be a great boss is to promote employee wellness and self-care. If you feel your employees are having a difficult time (and live in Missouri), email Greta at State of Mind KC to see if she can help.


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